Still life in landscape by sharon olds

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Still Life In Landscape by Sharon Olds: poem analysis

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Still Life In Landscape - Poem by Sharon Olds

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STILL LIFE IN LANDSCAPE, by SHARON OLDS Poet's Biography First Line: It was night, it had rained, there were pieces of cars Subject(s): Death; Dead, The. Still Life in Landscape It was night, it had rained, there were pieces of cars and half-cars strewn, it was still, and bright, a woman was lying on the highway, on her back.

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Still Life In Landscape by Sharon was night it had rained there were pieces of cars and halfcars strewn it was still and bright a woman was lying on the highway on her back with her. Page/5(2). It was night, it had rained, there were pieces of cars and half-cars strewn, it was still, and bright, a woman was lying on the highway, on her back, with her head curled back and tucked under her shoulders so the back of her head touched her spine between her shoulder-blades, her clothes mostly accidented off, and her leg gone, a long bone sticking out of the stub of her.

Still life in landscape by sharon olds
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