Life extension essay

Air quality is major urban areas continues to improve, and the Great Lakes are returning toward earlier levels of purity. Some people can think up innumerable reasons why the future might be an undesirable place to live — imagining horrible pollution, overcrowding, anarchy, oppressive totalitarianism, overwhelming strangeness or unbearable loneliness.

So long as mechanisms exist for converting desires for cleaner air and water and space for recreation into the things themselves, we can expect it to happen.

For instance, Paul Nelson, a Lutheran theologian at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, says that many mainline Protestant churches in the United States — including his own, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America — probably would not oppose a new therapy that could dramatically or even indefinitely extend life.

If parents must personally bear the costs of having children, rather than everyone else paying, people will tend to have just the number of children for whom they can assume financial responsibility. I am enthusiastic about life right now.

Life extension

Is it humanitarian to believe that aging is a process of becoming social garbage. For those who follow the Abrahamic faith traditions — Judaism, Christianity and Islam — views on life and death are heavily influenced by the creation stories found in the Book of Genesis for Jews and Christians and the Quran for Muslims.

And philosophically, there is a problem with the question. Still, religious people, from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI to theologians and professors at religiously affiliated institutions, have started to think about the consequences of radical life extension.

Fertility declines for another reason: There will be emotional incentives for reanimation as well. Would it be unethical to tinker with the brain so that this person experiences a 1,year jail sentence in his or her mind. They will create new habitats in space—not cramped little capsules, but grand, freewheeling, custom space habitats with the comforts of home but fewer of the limitations.

Because these monkeys live decades — much longer than yeast cells or mice — this NIA study will not directly focus on longevity and instead will examine whether the substance reduces the likelihood of the diseases of aging, such as diabetes and heart disease. Some in the anti-aging movement, however, believe real gains will not be made by regularly ingesting one compound but through a combination of medical therapies.

We will be able to fill our lives with people, laughter and conviviality — or experience oceanic peace and solitude in vast naturalistic settings.

Life Extension

Only living beings have purposes. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Hitler got off easy, given the scope and viciousness of his crimes. The desire to live as long as possible need not be viewed as an inhumane desire. The human body is a maze of complex biological signals, pathways, and relationships, which play off of one another in order to create a stable body.

For technical information about what science has been learning about the mechanisms of aging, see my essay Mechanisms of Aging. Indeed, most Jews would likely view a prolonged human life span as an opportunity to better serve God and man, says Rabbi Barry Freundel, an ethicist and theologian who also leads an Orthodox Jewish congregation, Kesher Israel, in Washington, D.

Karmazin has not published in any peer-reviewed journal and his current study does not use a control group. Presumably, every day you wake up in prison, you ask yourself why you are there, right.

If we want to encourage people to have more children, we will make it cheaper for them to do so. August 6, To Count Our Days: Yes, but fear is a misleading way to represent how I feel about the possible loss of the precious life of a loved-one.

Progress of our species is not a divine altar upon which I want to see every member of our species sacrificed — myself included.

The Science of Human Aging. But I would not otherwise lack for things to do. None of these medical prospects is yet a reality, and even the most optimistic researchers acknowledge that major breakthroughs could prove elusive. De Grey, the chief science officer at an anti-aging think tank in Mountain View, Calif.

Everything would be OK were it not for aging and death. Today, people are continuing to live longer.

Life extension Essay

The crisis never happened. Life extension is an increase in maximum or average lifespan, especially in humans, by slowing down or reversing the processes of aging.

b. Eating healthy or good diet habits, exercise, and avoidance of hazards such as smoking and other self harming habits are some simpler ways of life extension. Radical Life Extension Is Unethical and Unrealistic Essay - The idea of extending life challenges the circle of life: we come into this world, we live, and we leave.

It is not right for people to go against that law and it is completely unethical. Life Extension Essays: OverLife Extension Essays, Life Extension Term Papers, Life Extension Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. The Harm of Radical Life Extension Essay example - “Radical [life] enhancement is a way of exiting the human species” (Agar). Radical enhancement is referring to an attempt to permanent or temporary alterations to the human body, in this case, the human life span.

Aug 06,  · To Count Our Days: The Scientific and Ethical Dimensions of Radical Life Extension The prospect of dying has always fascinated, haunted and, ultimately, defined human beings.

From the beginnings of civilization, people have contemplated their own mortality –. Life Extension Research Essay - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

A research project I did for university about Life Extension. Research used Scholarly resources only.

Life extension essay
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