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With the progress of the states the concept of citizenship also underwent some metamorphosis. But the conditions which are very common are given below: An unhealthy citizen and physically crippled or mentally retarded person cannot be good citizen.

He should vote only that candidate who will best serve the society. He owes his allegiance to the state. To say in his words: If he fulfils all his duties to the State he will find that the State is automatically fulfilling its duties towards him. Works Cited Brighouse, Harry. They are also more likely to form educated opinions that have factual basis rather than just moral beliefs.

Sincere Performance of Duties: In the absence of the law-abidingness on the part of the citizens there will be chaos and lawlessness. Once individuals have learnt in schools how to view others and differences with an open mind, or at best obtain personal autonomy, a second instrumental attribute is needed to be taught.

In such a case the number of the citizens was just half of the entire population. It does not mean that every citizen should be highly educated. According to Lord James Bryce, there are three qualities which every citizen must possess.

He must not shirk from it. An alien has none of these rights.

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An alien can live in the state only temporarily. In the past, government was considered the privilege of a few, but today it is almost universally recognised as the responsibility of one and all.

Thus the view that the good citizen must make some personal sacrifice to help his fellow men enriches the Greek ideal that he should play his part in civic affairs.

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This method implies that an alien can become a citizen on completion of certain formalities. In January he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and given only three months to live.

He should work sincerely and contribute his utmost to the welfare of the state. When a woman marries a citizen of another state, the woman becomes a citizen of the state, of which her husband is a citizen.

They should be taught to recognise their rights and privileges, and appreciate that public rights and privileges are in all cases accompanied by corresponding responsibilities and duties which every citizen owes to the state. The Englishman obeys the law because he knows that respect for the rights of others marks the difference between the dog-kennel and civilised society.

He must not indulge in anti-social activities. The police or any law-enforcing authority cannot function smoothly without the cooperation of the public.

It also implies that citizenship has got nothing to do with the parentage of the child. Conscience stands for responsibility to the community.


Those who are growing up into citizenship should be taught to realise their debt to those who have served them locally and nationally so wisely in the past. These methods are not the same in all the states.

Citizenship Essay: Fundamentals Towards the “Citizens are made not born” [1]. This statement is the basis on which citizenship is defied because it takes into account that citizenship is more than just being born into a country, it encompasses the notion that citizenship can be.

The Laws of Life are the values and ideals that guide the decisions people make every day. These leading principles may vary for each person based on the experiences that. Citizenship Essay The United States is a nation made up of immigrants.

For centuries, people have come to the US in search of prosperity, freedom, financial success, and many other reasons. The Georgia Laws of Life Essay Contest is a character education and ethical literacy program for high school students.

It encourages teenagers to articulate their values and ideals, and it recognizes and rewards good character.

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Both reside in the state, obey the laws of the state, pay taxes and enjoy civil rights like the right to life and the right to property. Here the similarities end. The citizens.

Citizenship Essay: Fundamentals Towards the Future

WRITING A GEORGIA LAWS OF LIFE ESSAY Pointers for Students A Law of Life is a wise saying or quote that contains words of truth, lasting meaning, or inspiration. Examples of Laws of Life include: o “An attitude of gratitude creates blessings.” o “You are only as good as your word.”.

Laws of life essay on citizenship
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