A life cycle analysis of a dam environmental sciences essay

As these concepts diffuse into industrial and technical decision making, LCA will enable industry and government to find ways to both increase efficiency and reduce harm to the environment. When the answer is yes, the designers need to add special safety precautions to keep good quality of water.

Rather, the linearity of the EPS valuation is based on the assumption that, because monetization reduces all effects to a common metric, the resulting metrics should be additive. Accidental over toppling of water could damage the property downstream and in worse can be fatal or it could wash away area of the downstream side of your embankment dam which may affect the balance of the dam and it might collapse.

For example, conservation of energy or water in the manufacturing process will reduce the environmental impacts of that process. By displacing some of the need for virgin fiber and extending the overall fiber supply, recycling can offset the environmental impacts of acquiring virgin fiber as well as those from making virgin paper and disposing of paper after use.

The buttresses are spaced at regular intervals on the downstream aspect. A critical need in the area of life-cycle assessment methodology as applied to wood as a raw material, therefore, is to develop means for explicitly considering the range of potential and actual environmental impacts associated with forest management practices.

If dams are designed across wide streams with large amounts of flowing water. The pulp creation of the paper making process triggers the major contribution to COD emissions; however by recycling paper the final disposal stage can provide a slight negative contribution.

Often, small-scale models are created to check the design. It would be impracticable and very costly to construct another channel or a tunnel to divert the stream of normal water.

Relating to the amount of seepage within the dam which is controlled by provision of filters and drains The use of free draining rock and roll complete embankment, The control of basis seepage by grouting, drainage and cut-off constructions.

The environmental impacts of the ultimate disposal of the newspaper in both Portugal and Germany need to be considered, as the plan for working with paper waste products varies with country. However, because of the smaller amount of recycling that occurs in Portugal, the global warming potential and photochemical oxidant formation are greater.

Each unit effect is reduced to a monetary value, normalized for risk and exposure and for material quantity. An arch shape is employed for resisting the pushing push of the moving water behind the dam.

A table demonstrating the impact categories and the variables that influence each category Dias et al.

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When heavy rainfall occurs, it is gated by the dam and held in the reservoir such as a collecting tank. If individuals cannot agree on the value or the structure of their preferences, then no single value function can be constructed to represent their wants.

Considering all Aspects of Fiber Acquisition Obtaining the fiber to make paper products—whether derived from used paper collected for recycling or from trees—entails a range of environmental impacts. From Graedel and Alleby p. The Environmental Defense Fund chose instead to include a full assessment and description of forest management impacts, and through these recommendations, we have directly integrated the information as a paper purchasing consideration.

Even though a formal life cycle assessment is not a requirement for your EMSunderstanding the life cycle of your product or service is necessary to get the job done.

To omit those impacts entirely from an assessment of paper products, however, produces a greatly distorted picture—one that is systematically biased against paper products that incorporate recovered fiber. Then at regular intervals, it is removed. Dissolved air is vitally needed to support aquatic flora and fauna, also to prevent some chemical substance reactions to pollute this.

In Portugal again it is assumed that 5. Venditti, in his role as Graduate Director, was instrumental in designing and leading a visitation program for students from Shaw University to the Forest Biomaterials Department, among other activities in support of African American graduate students.

Checking for earthquakes- Each year there are more than earthquakes are diagnosed just alone in Britain. It also serves as an illustration of the approach adopted by one of the country's major environmental advocacy organizations to assess the environmental impacts associated with the use of paper and paper products.

A strategic consensus is required to trade off competing environmental, economic, and engineering goals. Hollows on the dam can also indicate that floodwater has been overflowing the dam and gradually eroding the downstream slope. Do you know how your product life cycle influences your environmental aspects in an ISO EMS?

Find out more information in this article ISO Gap Analysis Tool. and their associated environmental impacts, considering a life cycle perspective.” Life cycle is once again included in the requirements for operational.

A Life Circuit Analysis (LCA) takes these emissions into consideration and also other environmental impacts such as the devastation of habitat and may be used to quantify environmentally friendly impact of a product from its original recycleables to its eventual fate (cradle to grave).

Life Cycle Analysis Of Paper Production Environmental Sciences Essay. Print carry out an inventory analysis. Here the overall life cycle of paper and the inputs required to make it are split up into smaller sections which are then broken down into individual processes and outputs which can be analysed.

The life cycle was split into. The next stage of a life cycle analysis is the impact analysis, in which the environmental impacts identified in the previous stage are enumerated, such as the environmental impacts of generating energy for the processes and the hazardous wastes emitted in the manufacturing process.

/r/environmental_science is primarily for scientific discussion of topics in the environmental sciences, geosciences, and other relevant discipline's, including papers, articles, research, and public policy. Dec 19,  · environmental impacts of products, systems, or services at all stages Life Cycle Analysis for Pulp and Paper Products • Paper is a measure of the quality of life of a society • Paper is mainly derived from renewable resources • Complex furnish and manufacturing.

Richard Venditti A life cycle analysis of a dam environmental sciences essay
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ISO Linking product life cycle and environmental aspects